Some powerpoints:

What causes psychiatric symptoms? Symptoms!” – Seminar at Karolinska Institutet, Department of Clinical Neuroscience. March 2019. PPT
“Diagnostics in Psychiatry – finding truth or summarizing behavior?” Seminar at KIND. Sept 2016. English PPT; Svenska PPT
“Förstärkare som prediktor för behandlingsutfall i beteendeterapi” – Fokus på Autism, 2014-04-03 PPT
“Metaphorical Talk About the Autism Diagnosis” – EABA Stockholm, 2014-09-12 PPT
“Deviation in Primary Reinforcers as an Etiological Interpretation of Autistic Behaviors” – ABAI Seattle, 2012-05-28 PPT
“BF Skinners Walden Två – En psykolog drömmer om utopia” Psykoterapimässan, Stockholm, 2012-05-12 PPT
Câlins, sourires et rock’n’roll – pourquoi certains enfants développent peu de comportements sociaux” Q-ABA, Montreal. 2013-03-08. PPT
“Which Children Will Benefit from Early Behavioral Intervention?” Presented at ABAI, Granada, 2011-11-25. PPT
“The Efficacy of Intensive Behavioral Intervention for Children with Autism: A Matter of Allegiance?” Presented at WTAS, Augsburg, 2012-02-24 PPT
Treating Children Like Dogs: Early Intervention and Ethics”. EABA Lisbon, 2012-10-06. PPT
“Spontaneous and Taught Language Acquisition in Children.” Seminar, Dept. of Informatics, Oslo University. 2012-11-20.
“ABA in Norway – and some ongoing studies on early intervention” Münster University, 2012-05-05

Some posters:

ILSA poster IMFARKlintwall, Macari, Eikeseth & Chawarska: Interest level predicts rate of skill acquisition in 2-year olds with ASD. IMFAR, Atlanta, May 2014

Dyvesveen, Christensen, Gladmann-Sørheim, Eikeseth & Klintwall: Establishment of mands using Modified Incidental Teaching Sessions. EABA Lisbon, Sept 2012.

Klintwall, Borgå-Johansen, Holth & Eikeseth: Behavior Analysis and Genetics; Primary Reinforcers as an Interpretation of Autism. ABAI Theory and Philosophy Conference, nov 2012.

Klintwall & Eldevik: Supervisor beliefs about the effects of low-intensity interventions. EABA Lisbon, sept 2012.

Klintwall & Eikeseth: Generalization Effects in Imitations, Prepositions, and Discriminations: An Illustration. NAFO, April 2012.

Syverinsen, Strøm, Josefsson, Lie, & Klintwall: Comparison of Two Techniques for Testing the Validity of a Reinforcer Assessment Questionnaire. NAFO, April 2012.

Klintwall, Eikeseth, Karlsson, and Jahr: Behandlingseffekt för barn med autism som får tidig och intensiv tillämpad beteendeanalys i vanlig förskola. Fokus på Autism, Stockholm, april 2012

Klintwall & Eikeseth: Socially Mediated and Automatic Reinforcers – Predictors of Therapy Outcome. NAFO, May 2011.

Klintwall: Socially Mediated and Automatic Reinforcers: Group Differences. NAFO, May 2011.